April 3, 2019

Kazachok surface platform

The Kazachok platform arriving in Turin, Italy, in March 2019

The Kazachok surface platform is being supplied by the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI, Институт Космических Исследований) and Roscomos, the Russian federal space agency. It weighs 827 kg and accommodates 10 Russian instruments and 2 European instruments (with no French contribution). The platform will measure environmental parameters and radiation levels for at least one Earth year.

LaRa (EU)Lander Radio-science experiment (geodesy, rotation and orientation of Mars)
Principal Investigator: V. Dehant (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
HABIT (EU)Habitability, brine irradiation and temperature package
Principal Investigator: F.J. Martin-Torres (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)
(part of the METEO instrument)
Pressure and humidity sensors

Principal Investigator: A.-M. Harri (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland)
RDM (eu)
(part of the METEO instrument)
Radiation and dust sensors

Principal Investigator: I. Arruego (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA), Spain)
AMR (eu)
(part of the METEO instrument)
Anisotropic magneto-resistance sensor to measure magnetic fields

Principal Investigator: M. Diaz Michelena (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA), Spain)
Principal Investigator: A. Skalsky (IKI, Russia)
WAM (eu)
(part of the MAIGRET instrument)                
Wave analyser module

Principal Investigator: O. Santolik (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Republic)
TSPPSet of cameras to characterize the landing site environment

Principal Investigator: I. Polyanskiy (IKI, Russia)
BIPInstrument interface and memory unit

Principal Investigator: K. Anufreychik (IKI, Russia)
FASTIR Fourier spectrometer to study the atmosphere

Principal Investigator: O. Korablev (IKI, Russia)
ADRON-EMActive neutron spectrometer and dosimeter (can work in tandem with the rover’s neutron detector)

Principal Investigator: O. Mitrofanov (IKI, Russia)
M-DLSMulti-channel Diode-Laser Spectrometer for atmospheric investigations

Principal Investigator: I. Vinogradov (IKI, Russia)
PAT-MRadio thermometer for soil temperatures (down to 1-metre depth)

Principal Investigator: D. Skulachev (IKI, Russia)
Dust SuiteDust particle size, impact and atmospheric charging instrument suite

Principal Investigator: A. Zakharov (IKI, Russia)

Principal Investigator: A. Manukin (IKI, Russia)
MGAPGas chromatography-mass spectrometry for atmospheric analysis

Principal Investigator: M. Gerasimov (IKI, Russia)
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