November 9, 2020

Events archive

December 2022: end of TGO mission.

10 June 2023: Arrival and landing of composite (Russian surface platform and European rover).

20 September 2022: Launch of ExoMars 2020 mission by Proton from Baikonur. Arrival at Mars scheduled for 2021.

9 November 2018: Oxia Planum selected as landing site for ExoMars 2020 mission.

March 2018: TGO starts sending back data to Earth for NASA’s Mars probes.

19 October 2016: TGO captured into Mars orbit and landing attempt by Schiaparelli module.

14 March 2016: Launch of ExoMars 2016 mission by Proton from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

September 2014: ExoMars-2018 System Preliminary Design Review (PDR) as part of ESA - Roscosmos partnership.

End of 2013: System Critical Definition Review (CDR) of ExoMars 2016 EDM.

December 2011: NASA withdraws from ExoMars programme and ESA partners with Roscosmos.

December 2010: Choice of payload instruments for the lander.

July 2010: Choice of payload instruments for the satellite, called Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO).

December 2009: ESA Council ratifies redefinition of ExoMars mission and partnership with NASA.

October 2009: ESA and NASA establish a joint Mars exploration initiative.

The ExoMars Mission is redefined. The decision, taken at an ESA Council meeting, foresees a Mars Orbiter with a small stationary lander, to launch in 2016, and a landing, by NASA, of a European rover on Mars with a second mission in 2018.

April 2009: Payload Confirmation Review 2 (PCR2). Selection of instruments on basis of results of PDRs.

November 2008: ExoMars System Review, Preliminary Design Review (PDR, agency level)

January-March 2007: Payload Confirmation Review (PCR), initial selection of instruments.

December 2005: Go-ahead for ExoMars project at ESA Ministerial Council meeting in Berlin.

November 2001: Go-ahead for Aurora programme to lay groundwork for robotic and crewed exploration of the solar system (ESA Ministerial Council meeting in Edinburgh).

October 1999: Publication of ESA report on “Exobiology in the Solar System & The Search for Life on Mars”.