July 31, 2014


main characteristics of Exomars Rover

The whole Rover Module weighs 310 kg.

The Rover Module needs to fit under the descent module hood

The Rover Module design will facilitate the Assembly, Integration and Validation (AIV) and the Assembly, Integration and Tests (AIT) activities.
The Rover Module design will also allow for activities in a sterile environment for Instrument integration.


ExoMars Rover - Copyright: ESA

Exomars rover Instruments

The rover payload, PASTEUR, includes the 9 instruments grouped in the following three subsets:

    Panoramic instruments

    • PanCam: Panoramic Cameras to perform digital terrain mapping of Mars
    • WISDOM (Water Ice and Subsurface Deposit Observation on Mars): a ground-penetrating radar to characterise the stratigraphy under the rover

    Contact instruments

    • CLUPI (CLose-UP Imager on ExoMars): a camera system to acquire high-resolution colour close-up images of rocks, outcrops, drill fines and drill core samples
    • RLS (Raman Spectrometer): Raman laser spectroscopy to establish mineralogical composition and identify organic pigments
    • Ma_MISS (Mars Multispectral Imager for Subsurface Studies): a multispectral imager that will contribute to the study of the Martian mineralogy and rock formation
    • Adron: to search for subsurface water and hydrated minerals. Adron will be used in combination with WISDOM to study the subsurface beneath the rover and to search for suitable areas for drilling and sample collection

    Analytical instruments

    • MicrOmega-IR: a visible plus infrared imaging spectrometer for mineralogy studies on Martian samples
    • ISEM (Infrared Spectrometer for ExoMars): an infrared spectrometer to assess the mineralogical composition of surface targets. Working with PanCam, ISEM will contribute to the selection of suitable samples for further analysis by the other instruments
    • MOMA (Mars Organic Molecule Analyser): gas chromatograph that will target biomarkers to answer questions related to the potential origin, evolution and distribution of life on Mars

    France is a major contributor to PASTEUR payload with 2 PI instruments: MicrOmega and WISDOM, and 3 contributions: MOMA, RLS and CLUPI.